Risk reduction is our business
Sanitary Design and Selection of Equipment
When equipment is being selected for a business, many things are overlooked from a technical view-point.  If you are thinking of buying some new plant or machinery, can you afford to take a chance that it will not contaminate finished product because it cannot be cleaned properly.  Of course, the manufacturer will tell you it can be.

We have many years experience in equipment design and selection from a technical / food safety perspective and can help you with a one-off purchase or implement a standard protocol within your business that will take you through the process of buying equipment that is up to the job and does not put both consumers and your business at risk.

We can guide you through the selection process, the things to look out for, the things to stipulate in a specification and then support you bringing the equipment into the business, minimizing food safety risk to existing lines and products.  Additionally, our team has extensive experience in commissioning equipment prior to full production and can provide support and guidance in this equally challenging area.

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